School Attendance Matters to Student Success!

Every Day 24J

Did you know that students who attend school regularly are 172% more likely to graduate? In Salem-Keizer Public Schools, our vision is for all students to graduate prepared for a successful life and boosting student attendance is the first step in achieving this goal. Missing just two days a month results in chronic absenteeism, meaning your student has missed out on 10 percent of instruction time. That equates to an entire month of instruction by the end of the year.

This year, we are working together with our community to help our students be in school every day in district 24J. Through ongoing engagement with our Every Day 24J committee, we are working to develop solutions to remove barriers for attendance in our school.

What challenges does your child face for attending school each day? Help us support you. Please call Assistant Principal, Carlos Ruiz today at 503-399-3241 so we can work together this school year.

¿Sabías que, los estudiantes que asisten a la escuela regularmente tienen 172% mayor probabilidad de graduarse? En las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer, nuestra visión es que todos los estudiantes se gradúen preparados para una vida exitosa e incrementar la asistencia de los estudiantes es el primer paso para lograr esta meta. Perder solo dos días de clases al mes resulta en ausentismo crónico, lo que significa que su estudiante ha perdido el 10% de tiempo de enseñanza. Eso equivale a un mes completo de enseñanza al final del año escolar.

Este año, trabajaremos en conjunto con nuestra comunidad para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a asistir a la escuela diariamente en el distrito 24J. A través del compromiso constante con nuestro comité Diariamente 24J, nos encontramos trabajando para desarrollar soluciones que eliminen las barreras que impiden la asistencia continua en nuestras escuelas.

¿A cuáles desafíos se enfrenta su estudiante para asistir a la escuela diariamente? Ayúdenos a ayudarle. Por favor, llámenos Asistente principal, Carlos Ruiz al 503-399-3241 y trabajemos juntos este año escolar.

Contact us: 

  • Excusing Absences: Parent or guardian please call the 24 hour number at (503) 399-3298 to report an all day absence.
  • Check-In and Check-Out students: Please call the Attendance Office at (503) 399-3069 at least 1 hour before picking up your student.

Attendance and Academic Success:

There is a direct correlation between student success in classes and consistent attendance.  Conversely, the strongest predictor of student failure is poor attendance.  It is not simply the loss of instructional time, but more importantly, the break in continuity of learning that impedes students’ ability to progress when they return.

 Excusing Absences

  • Parent or guardian calls the 24 hour absence reporting line (503) 399-3298.
  • Student brings a note to the Attendance Office upon return to school.
  • All absences must be excused by the parent or guardian within 72 hours or (3 school days).

Make-up Work

  • Excused absences – students will be allowed to make up their work in a reasonable time for full credit.
  • Unexcused absences – Teachers may reduce the grade or award no grade for assigned work.
  • Please review the syllabus provided by each teacher for grading details.

Activity/School-Related Absences

Activity absences or school-related absences are treated as an extension of the school curriculum and are excused.  However, it is the responsibility of the student to make up any work that is missed.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedure


  • Parent or guardian must come to the school, provide advance written permission, or call to check out a student.
  • Please call 503-399-3069 to check out a student.
  • Call the Attendance Office with a minimum of 1 hour notice of when you will be checking out your student.
  • It is required that the student check out with the Attendance Office whenever leaving school early.


  • Students arriving late to school with an excused tardy or returning from a medical or dental appointment must check in with the Attendance Office.
  • Students returning from an appointment must have the original checkout form or a note from a parent or doctor. All others, report directly to your class (unexcused tardies or absences).