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Hybrid start dates for middle and high school students | Aprendizaje híbrido para los estudiantes de las escuelas intermedias y preparatorias

As we approach the final quarter of the 2020-21 school year, we are excited to begin welcoming students in grades 6-12 back into our buildings for hybrid learning.

Video: Hybrid learning for SKPS middle and high schools.

In hybrid learning, students will continue to have class periods on their cohort days, but they will attend classes at school. That could be on Tuesdays and Thursdays or Wednesdays and Fridays. Students will alternate between in-person learning in our school buildings and applied (independent) learning at home. Mondays will also be at home and will continue to be reserved for additional student support, family engagement and planning.

Students in the EDGE program will continue in remote learning through EDGE.

Starting in quarter four, students in middle and high school will begin returning to school buildings based on their cohort assignment on the following smooth start schedule:

Middle School Hybrid Start Dates

  • April 13 or 14: Grade 6
  • April 15 or 16: Grades 7 & 8

High School Hybrid Start Dates

  • April 13 or 14: Grades 9 & 10
  • April 15 or 16: Grades 11 & 12

In preparation for the launch of hybrid, the last day of quarter 3 has been adjusted to April 7, 2021. Students will not have classes on April 8 or April 9. This change does not apply to EDGE students.

Example cohort schedule for middle & high school students

On in-person learning days, students will participate in class periods at their school building. Periods will be approximately 50 minutes for middle school and 60 minutes for high school. Students will move between classrooms, but will not use lockers.

On applied learning days at home, students apply learning from their in-person lessons and work on assignments independently and on their own schedule. For both middle and high schools, student support on applied learning days will be available.

A medida que nos acercamos al último trimestre del año escolar 2020-21, el distrito les da la bienvenida a los estudiantes de los grados 6 al 12 en los planteles escolares para el aprendizaje híbrido.

Video: Aprendizaje híbrido para las escuelas intermedias y preparatorias de SKPS

En el aprendizaje híbrido, los estudiantes continuarán teniendo períodos de clase en sus días correspondientes a su grupo de asistencia estudiantil, pero asistirán a clases en la escuela. Eso podría ser los martes y jueves o los miércoles y viernes. Los estudiantes alternarán entre el aprendizaje en persona en nuestros planteles escolares y el aprendizaje aplicado en el hogar. Los lunes también serán en casa y se seguirán reservados para apoyo adicional a los estudiantes, participación familiar y planificación.

Los estudiantes del programa EDGE continuarán en aprendizaje remoto a través de EDGE.

A partir del cuarto trimestre, los estudiantes de las escuelas intermedias y preparatorias comenzarán a regresar a los planteles escolares según su asignación de grupo de asistencia estudiantil en el siguiente programa de inicio progresivo:

Fechas de inicio de clases de las escuelas intermedias

  • 13 o 14 de abril: grado 6
  • 15 o 16 de abril: grados 7 y 8

Fechas de inicio de clases de las escuelas preparatorias

  • 13 o 14 de abril: grados 9 y 10
  • 15 o 16 de abril: grados 11 y 12

En preparación para el lanzamiento del aprendizaje híbrido, el último día del tercer trimestre se ha ajustado al 7 de abril de 2021 y los estudiantes no tendrán clases el 8 de abril ni el 9 de abril. Este cambio de horario solo se aplica a los estudiantes en educación integral a distancia. Los estudiantes en el programa EDGE reanudarán el horario normal.

Próximas sesiones familiares informativas

A partir de la semana del 15 de marzo, el distrito organizará una serie de eventos familiares en vivo para grupos de población específicos por medio de Zoom. Durante estos eventos, repasaremos los detalles sobre el aprendizaje híbrido para los estudiantes de secundaria mientras brindamos a las familias la oportunidad de hacer preguntas y prepararse para comenzar el aprendizaje híbrido.

Example Schedules

Image of example of middle school schedule
Image of sample high school schedule

Informational family event presentations

After parent events are finished, PDF versions of the presentations at the events will be added below in multiple languages.


Hybrid Learning for SKPS middle and high schools

Arabic | Chuukese | English | Marshallese | Russian | Spanish | Swahili

Secondary hybrid learning information session with live Q&A recording

African American | American Indian/Alaskan Native | Arabic | English | Marshallese | Russian | Spanish | Swahili


Download event presentation PDFs: African American | American Indian/Alaskan Native | Arabic | Chuukese | English | Marshallese | Russian | Spanish | Swahili

Learn more and view step-by-step instructions for how to find your student’s cohort.

Upcoming informational family sessions

Beginning the week of March 15, the district will host a series of live family events for specific population groups using Zoom. During these events, we will go over details about hybrid learning for secondary students while providing families the opportunity to ask questions and prepare to start hybrid learning.

Download event flyer PDFs: African American | American Indian/Alaskan Native | ArabicEnglish | Marshallese | Russian | Spanish | Swahili

All families are welcome

  • English Language: March 16, 5-6 p.m.

Interpreters available

  • Arabic: March 18, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
  • Spanish: March 18, 6-7 p.m.
  • Russian: March 19, 5-6 p.m.
  • Swahili: March 19, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Marshallese: March 31, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Chuukese: March 31, 6:30-7:30 p.m.


  • African American and Black: March 16, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • American Indian/Alaska Native: March 31, 5-6 p.m.

Zoom links to access the event for your family will be emailed directly to you. If you have any questions about accessing the family session, please contact your school’s principal, HomeCoach support, or community school outreach coordinator (CSOC).

Remote learning

In December, families had the option of switching their child’s learning model to the EDGE online program, which guaranteed fully-online learning for the remainder of the school year. If your family circumstances require your child to remain in remote learning, please contact your school’s principal to discuss the best option for your child.

Learn more about our plans for hybrid learning, safety protocols and more.

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Viking Family Nights

Join us for Our Upcoming Viking Family Nights

Únete a nosotros en nuestra próxima tarde familiar Vikings

2020-12-18T11:44:58-08:00December 17th, 2020|

North Freshmen Night

Classic North Salem Viking LogoWelcome to the Class of 2024

Focus: Fresh Year Success

If you missed Freshmen Night, you’ll want to watch our video with intros from new faces, familiar faces and a preview of our new classroom and common spaces. Click here to view.

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Check out a North Library Book

Library Book Checkout Procedures:

Librarian gliding along on a cart full of books.Student requests a book through the North Library website

  • Library staff will find the book, check it out to student, and place in labeled Ziploc bag.
  • If book is not available, the librarian will recommend 1-3 similar books.
  • Library staff will email the student that their book is available for pickup.
  • Student can come to North HS during school hours (M-F 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM), buzz the door and request their library book(s).
  • Library books will be housed on carts in the Foyer, alphabetized by patron’s last name.
  • Library books will be left on the carts for two weeks, or one week if another patron requests the same book and it is still not picked up.
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Title I-A Parent Meeting

North Salem High School Title I-A Annual Parent Meeting

Viking Families, please take a few moments to review this 2020-21 Annual Title I-A Parent presentation. This was shown at our annual meeting held virtually, the evening of Wednesday, October 7. The purpose of the meeting was to inform parents and answer questions about what a Title I-A school is and more specifically, how Title 1-A funds are used to benefit all North Salem High School students.  If you have any questions about North’s Title 1-A Schoolwide Program, please contact the school 503-399-3241.

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Zoom Log In Instructions

Effective Thursday, October 8

In Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) we are committed to maintaining safe and welcoming spaces for all of our students and staff, which extends to our online learning environments. Because of this commitment, we will be making some important adjustments to how our students access Zoom for their virtual learning sessions. Starting on Thursday, Oct. 8, in order to participate in Zoom classes, all students must log in to their Zoom account before joining any Zoom meeting hosted by SKPS.

Zoom log in instructions link

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North Salem Ribbon Cutting

The 2018 Bond Construction Project for North Salem High School is now completed. We thought you would enjoy watching the video of our ribbon cutting ceremony. It’s a virtual event, but no less significant. We thank the Salem-Keizer Community for their support that made this beautiful addition possible for current and future students.

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Academic Eligibility for Athletics

Dear Salem-Keizer Families,

As students begin the 2020-21 school year, it’s important that our students who plan to participate in Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) sports and/or activities are aware of, and follow requirements for eligibility.

The OSAA does have minimum academic requirements for participation. SKPS students must meet ALL of the following minimum OSAA academic requirements please read the attachement below:

Academic Eligibility

Estimadas familias de Salem-Keizer:

A medida que nuestros estudiantes comienzan el año escolar 2020-21, es importante que aquellos estudiantes que planean participar en las actividades y los deportes de la Asociación de Actividades Escolares de Oregon (OSAA, por sus siglas en inglés) estén el tanto de, y sigan los requisitos para su elegibilidad.

OSAA,tiene requisitos mínimos para la participación en las actividades. Los estudiantes de las Escuela Públicas de Salem-Keizer (SKPS, por sus siglas en inglés) deben cumplir con TODOS los requisitos mínimos necesarios, por favor lee:

Elegibilidad academíca

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Help Desk North Salem

Mobile phone vibrating or ringing

NSHS Help Desk 503-399-3241

North Salem’s Help Desk

Our Home Coach advocate is available from 4-6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to support parents and students with comprehensive distance learning and the technology for your students’ success. Our Home Coach Advocate will walk you through accessing applications and logins for CANVAS, Chromebooks and StudentVue/ParentVue.

Call if you need support troubleshooting technology or if your student is having trouble with school work. If we can’t solve the problem in the moment we will route your questions and concerns to the appropriate staff person. To contact the North Salem Home Coach advocate call our main number, 503-399-3241.

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Ya se encuentra disponible en ParentVUE y StudentVUE la información del grupo de asistencia de los estudiantes

Ahora puede iniciar su sesión en ParentVUE y en StudentVUE para ver el grupo de asistencia asignado a su estudiante. Los estudiantes han sido asignados a un grupo de asistencia los martes y los jueves o a un grupo de asistencia los miércoles y los viernes.

Los estudiantes en el programa EDGE verán al programa EDGE como su grupo de asistencia asignado.

Todos los estudiantes, del kínder al 12º grado que viven en la misma residencia deben tener el mismo grupo de asistencia.

Estudiantes de la escuela primaria

Durante el aprendizaje integral a distancia, todos los estudiantes de primaria asistirán a clases en línea de martes a viernes, independientemente de su grupo de asistencia asignado.

Cuando sea seguro comenzar nuestro modelo de aprendizaje combinado con instrucción en persona, los estudiantes asistirán a la escuela en persona de acuerdo con su grupo de asistencia.

Estudiantes de las escuelas intermedias y preparatorias

En los niveles de las escuelas intermedias y preparatorias, los estudiantes asistirán a las clases dirigidas y facilitadas por el maestro en sus días de grupos de asistencia y harán su aprendizaje aplicado e independiente los otros días de la semana. Se les pide a los estudiantes de secundaria que asistan a las clases de su período de asesoramiento que se reúnen en línea de martes a viernes, independientemente de su grupo de asistencia.

Estudiantes del programa EDGE

Los estudiantes del programa EDGE verán el programa EDGE como su grupo de asistencia asignado.

¿Cómo puedo activar la aplicación ParentVUE?

Muchos padres y tutores legales ya tienen cuentas de ParentVUE activas y simplemente necesitan iniciar sesión aquí https://salkeiz.k12.or.us/parentvue-studentvue.

Si nunca ha activado una cuenta de ParentVUE, necesitará una clave de activación específica generada por su escuela. Estamos trabajando con nuestro proveedor para poder enviar esa información por correo electrónico directamente a las familias lo antes posible.

Si desea formular alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la oficina de su escuela.

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