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Schedule Change Portal Is Closed

Not all schedule change requests will be honored.

Requests are answered in the order they are received in the portal. Students will receive an email with the outcome of their request once it has been processed by their counselor.

Please do not submit multiple requests for the same schedule change.

Schedules will not be changed to accommodate teacher or class period requests.

Juniors and Seniors, If you are requesting an aide or release period, you will be asked to complete an additional form that will be available in the Counseling Office.

The portal will close on Thursday, September 7th  at 4:00pm.

Can I change my schedule?


Change Times

  • I want to move my class to a different time

Don’t know anyone

  • I don’t know anyone in the class.

Teacher Problem

  • I don’t like the teacher.
  • My teacher is too difficult.

Changed My Mind

  • I requested an elective, but now I don’t want it.


  • My best friend is in the class and I will do better with them.


Missing or needs a class

  • A core academic Class is missing.
  • A “Needs Class” is on my schedule.

Duplicate Class

  • The same class is on my schedule twice

Incorrect Placement Level

  • I am not in the correct placement. (Honors, AP, IB)

No Prerequisite

  • I have not taken the prerequisite for the class.

Missing Core Class

  • Miss a core class like English, Math, Science, or Social Studies.

Already Taken

  • I already took this class and passed.
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Congratulations to North MEChA Students!

North Salem High School MEChA students (Liliana Granados, Abigail Perin, Cynthia Morales Ornelas, Cecilia Gonzalez Cantor,  Jadzia Beard, Elia Sanchez, Tracy Trinh, Coral Pineda and Alicia Chase) represented Salem Keizer Public schools in the César E. Chávez Leadership Conference Special Edition: The Legacy Challenge! Two North MEChA teams were awarded $750 each for video workshops they created and narrated for the challenge and virtual leadership conference.

Video content requirements were

  • Educate and embody the legacy of César E. Chávez y el movimiento.
  • Explain how his lessons and teachings are relevant in today’s world.
  • Workshops can be in English, Spanish, or Bilingual.
  • Workshops will be developed, produced and presented by student groups minimum of 3 students per group, no longer than 20 minutes and submitted as a YouTube link.

Cesar Chavez Workshop Presentation by Abi, Cynthia, Ceci, and Lilly

Cesar Chavez Presentation by Elia, Alicia, Coral, and Jadzia

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