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North Salem and McKay high schools earn Oregon banner status from Special Olympics

North Salem and McKay high schools received recognition this today, Feb. 21 from the Special Olympics Oregon for their distinction as Unified Champion Schools.

In Salem-Keizer Public Schools, 17 percent of students receive special education services.

SKPS works diligently to meet the needs of all students and families regardless of age, color, ability, marital status, national origin, race, religion or creed, sex or gender, sexual orientation or veteran status.

According to Special Olympics Oregon, a Unified Champion School helps to reduce bullying and exclusion, promote healthy activity and interactions, combat stereotypes and stigma, eliminate hurtful language in school and engages all students in activities that lead to personal growth.

Unified Champion schools in SKPS

Since the 2017-18 school year, Salem-Keizer Public Schools has worked to expand unified programing across the district, with South Salem High School being awarded as the district’s first Unified Champion school in the spring of 2019.

As of February 2023, Salem-Keizer Public Schools has established unified programming in all of the district’s high schools and eight middle schools, and began the expansion to elementary schools during the 2021-22 school year.

In addition, the district offers unified summer programming for both elementary and secondary students across the district.

What does it take to be a unified champion school?

Unified Champion Schools is a movement that aims to change school communities through the power of inclusion, acceptance, and determination. Unified programs pair students with disabilities with peer partners to provide access to sports, leadership and classroom content. In Salem Keizer Public Schools this means classes such as choir, theater and culinary arts.

Programming includes three key aspects:

  • Unified sports such as basketball, soccer, kickball, rock climbing and more.
  • Inclusive youth leadership.
  • Whole school engagement.

“This is a population of students that has been historically separated from their peers,” said Student Services Director Melissa Glover. “Unified programs do more than just unify students in sports and activities. They truly bring the whole school together.”

Empowering students

As Unified Champion Schools, students with and without disabilities are empowered and provided opportunities to safely engage together in athletics, physical education courses, leadership classes, community service projects, school dances and much more.

“The experience of school is about so much more than receiving an education,” said Student Services Instructional Mentor Amanda Burke.

“Whether students are in first grade or about to graduate from high school, Unified helps students build lifelong relationships and develop important skills to be successful, inclusive and welcoming adults.”

Learn more about unified programs and the positive impact they make in SKPS school communities (Video)

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Tips for staying healthy this winter season

This winter, the whole Salem-Keizer community can work together to keep our schools, students and community safe and healthy.

Remember to follow some simple precautions to prevent illness:

  • Stay home when sick.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid the sharing of cups and utensils.
  • Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and keep your hands away from your or your child’s face.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are often touched, such as doorknobs and electronic devices.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Consider wearing a mask in crowded indoor settings, especially if you or someone in your home is at high risk for severe disease.
  • CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a flu vaccine annually.

Proper handwashing

Click on the video above to view YouTube video

When is sick too sick for school?

The list document below helps to provide guidance on when students are too sick for school and should not be considered medical advice. Please contact your healthcare provider with health concerns.

Please keep ill children out of school

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Important Update from North Salem High School Athletics: Football Game Day, 10/1

Viking community, 

As we enter the fall season, increased illness is to be expected even outside of impacts due to COVID-19, much like before the pandemic. However, out of an abundance of caution, our varsity football game will be canceled on Friday, Oct. 1 against Wilsonville High School due to increased illness. Activities are anticipated to resume the week of Oct. 4. 

Although we are disappointed to have to make this incredibly difficult decision, we know we must do what is best for the health and safety of our entire NSHS community. 

Remember, COVID-19 and other forms of illness impacts us all daily

It is critical that we follow all recommended health and safety protocols such as vaccination, wearing a face covering, hand-washing and maintaining physical distance both while in our school facilities, and out in the community.

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Updates to 2020-21 academic calendar | Actualizaciones del calendario académico 2020-21

In February, the Salem and Keizer communities were hit with severe inclement weather, causing widespread power outages across the district. With students and staff accessing classes through comprehensive distance learning, ongoing power outages impacted the ability for classes to continue, causing a week of school closures for SKPS students.

Due to these school closures and the transition to hybrid learning for students in grades K-12, the district needed to make the following adjustments to the 2020-21 academic calendar.

Key changes for SKPS parents/guardians

  • April 8 – School day for Elementary/ No student contact day for Secondary (EDGE program continues as previously scheduled)
  • April 9 – School day for Elementary/ No student contact day for Secondary (EDGE program continues as previously scheduled)
  • April 12 – Updated to full student support Monday, previously partial grading day for secondary
  • June 8 – Additional day added for SKPS high school graduation ceremonies
  • June 17 – Last day for students, previously June 15.

Families should also note the change in the cohort schedule for the week of June 14. To prioritize the equitable instruction time for students in each attendance cohort, on-site learning days have been shifted to Monday-Thursday from the traditional Tuesday-Friday for the week of June 14. The update to the cohort attendance days can be seen in the cohort calendar available on the district website.

The full updated academic calendar, including a breakdown of key dates for parents and guardians, is available on our district website.

En febrero, las comunidades de Salem y Keizer se vieron afectadas por inclemencias del tiempo que provocó cortes de energía generalizados en todo el distrito. Con los estudiantes y el personal atendiendo a las clases a través del aprendizaje integral a distancia, los cortes de energía continuos afectaron la capacidad de las clases para continuar, causando una semana de cierre de escuelas para los estudiantes de SKPS.

Debido a estos cierres de escuelas y la transición al aprendizaje híbrido para los estudiantes del kínder al 12º grado, el distrito necesitaba hacer los siguientes ajustes al calendario académico 2020-21.

Cambios clave para los padres y tutores legales de SKPS

  • 8 de abril: día escolar para la escuela primaria, día sin contacto con los estudiantes para la secundaria (el programa EDGE continúa según lo programado previamente)
  • 9 de abril: día escolar para la escuela primaria, día sin contacto con los estudiantes para la secundaria (el programa EDGE continúa según lo programado anteriormente)
  • 12 de abril: ha sido actualizado al apoyo estudiantil completo el lunes, previamente designado como día de calificación parcial para la secundaria
  • 8 de junio: día adicional agregado para las ceremonias de graduación de las escuelas preparatorias de SKPS
  • 17 de junio – Último día para los estudiantes, previamente el 15 de junio.

Las familias también deben tener en cuenta el cambio en el horario de los grupos de asistencia estudiantil para la semana del 14 de junio. Para priorizar el tiempo de instrucción equitativo para los estudiantes en cada grupo de asistencia estudiantil, los días de aprendizaje en la escuela se han cambiado del tradicional martes a viernes al lunes a jueves para la semana del 14 de junio. Puede ver la actualización de los días de asistencia del grupo de asistencia escolar en el calendario de asistencia disponible en la página web del distrito.

El calendario académico completo actualizado, que incluye un desglose de las fechas clave para padres y tutores legales, está disponible en nuestra página web del distrito.

Go to the updated calendars

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