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EDGE Online Program

We will continue offering our online-only Enhanced Digital Guided Education (EDGE) program. Students who are in EDGE will remain connected to their resident school while receiving online instruction by Salem-Keizer’s EDGE teacher

EDGE students can choose between two learning pathways to best meet the needs of individual students and their families. One option is called EDGE Connected, which includes daily, teacher-led instruction. The other option is EDGE Independent, which is student-paced with teacher oversight and offers a more flexible schedule.

Deadline to register for a guaranteed EDGE spot

The deadline to register for a guaranteed spot in EDGE is March 31, 2022.

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Graduation Ceremony Information for Seniors

June 1, 2021 

Dear Graduates and Families of the Class of 2021,

I am very excited to share information about the North Salem High School (NSHS) Senior Sunset and NSHS Graduation.  Thank you all for your grace and understanding as we have navigated these difficult and memorable days.  Undoubtedly, this year has been a significant challenge for our community; I am sorry for the events that had to be cancelled and the time on campus looking differently.  I do hope you’ve felt understanding and support from the school, the love from your friends and family, and now are preparing for the excitement of our upcoming celebration and Graduation ceremony.

June 11th – Graduation Ceremonies

Link to sign up for graduation:

Link to cap and gown rentals:

One treasured memory is graduation. Hearing your name called out and accepting your diploma as you walk across the stage is a milestone and a memory to cherish forever. Our goal is to honor you, students and families, while adhering to our current health and safety protocols. We are committed to creating an event that allows our community to share this meaningful celebration, and ultimately watch classmates, speakers, and experience the traditional commencement moments.

June 11th we will create seven (7) ceremonies for every Senior to walk across the graduation stage in the NSHS stadium to accept their Diploma. Seniors (wearing the cap and gown) will attend their graduation ceremony with up to four friends and family who will be seated safely distanced on the turf field.  Mask-wearing is voluntary outdoors, but masks must be worn when within 6 ft of others.  We are monitoring the safety-metrics closely; when possible, we will send updates regarding increasing the number of guests allowed. Also, please consider bringing what you will need to be comfortable, given that day’s weather report. 

VIDEO/STREAMING: The ceremony will be broadcast live and copies will be available to purchase.  Check the website below.  Preorders of digital copies, DVDs and Blue Rays are already for sale. Please check the website below. Parents will be able to order the individual graduation just like last year.

Need help or have questions?  Please reach out to Senior Class Advisor Sarah Cowan 

We understand this is not what you had likely imagined when you thought about your senior year and graduation. It is our sincere desire, in light of the current safety measures and resulting protocols, to create a fun event and the traditional commencement experience, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Class of 2021, this year did not play out the way anyone would have planned, and for that we are truly sorry. But through it all, you have shown us that you are resilient, resourceful, and capable of success in great challenges. We are extremely proud of you and are looking forward to seeing you at the Senior Sunset and Graduation!

Graduation Day Instructions  (Please read very carefully!) 

There is no rehearsal or practice scheduled for the graduation ceremony.

Location: North Salem’s Football field 

-In accordance with policies, we will be practicing social distancing rule of staying 6 feet apart. Seating will be set up to also follow the 6 foot rule.

 -Graduates will be given tickets for their 4 guests upon arrival to the ceremony. These are wrist bracelets and need to be worn while in the stadium.  

-Graduates and their guests will all check in at the same time.  You can enter at either end of the stadium, but check in will be the new court yard which sits in between the track and softball field.  It is part of the new building on the south end.  For reference, it was where the Senior Sunset took place. Once graduates have been checked in, they will receive their tickets which can be distributed.  Graduates will remain in the court yard to line up for the ceremony and their guests can take a seat in the stadium.  


All parking will be in the large parking lot off of D street or the ODOT lot which is located across from Safeway on the corner of Marion and 13th.  Parking for your ceremony will only be open 30 minutes before your graduation ceremony begins.  We are highly encouraging guests and their graduates to arrive in one vehicle. Parking is restricted in the small staff lot (14th street) and field house parking lot because it’s needed for staff and volunteers.

North Salem High School Graduation Parking times and instructions table.

-please do not arrive any earlier than your scheduled “park” time. There will not be room for you!

Check in: Graduates: 

Graduates will check in and line up in the new courtyard.   This is also where you can pick up your gown rental, cords and medallions.  Parents are restricted from this area.   Graduates will start their procession near the “Viking Field House” main entrance, which is at the south end of the track (near where the bridge is to Safeway)

We encourage graduates to decorate their caps.  Please remember that the message needs to be school appropriate, does not change the structure of the cap or detracts from the intention of the cap. And, is also no taller than 1 inch in height.


  • Arrive in one vehicle
  • Follow “park” time (you will not be able to park any earlier than the scheduled time) 
  • Guest will receive their tickets upon arrival 
  • No balloons or umbrellas will be allowed inside the stadium
  • Commencement is the result of all your hard work and efforts of several years.  Please do not display inappropriate behavior during the Commencement Ceremony
  • Each individual who walks across the stage needs to be afforded his or her moment in the spotlight.
  • Make good decisions, commencement privilege will be denied if you violate school rules.
  • Represent your school and families with dignity.

1⁰ de junio, 2021 

Estimados graduandos y familias de la Clase del 2021,

Me emociona mucho poder compartirles la información sobre el North Salem High School (NSHS) Senior Sunset y la Graduación de NSHS.  Gracias a tod@s por su gracia y comprensión mientras navegamos estos días tan difíciles y memorables.  Sin duda alguna, este año ha sido un reto significativo para nuestra comunidad; lamento que hayamos tenido que cancelar eventos y que el tiempo que pasamos en el campus escolar haya sido tan diferente. Espero que se hayan sentido comprendidos y apoyados por nuestra escuela, por el amor de sus amigos y familiares y que ahora se estén preparando para la emoción de la próxima celebración y ceremonia de graduación. 

¿Qué tipo de evento sucede cuando tu décimo y onceavo año han sido aplastados por una pandemia?  Una noche impresionante solo para los seniors donde solo tienen que DIVERTIRSE y disfrutar sus últimos días de preparatoria juntos. Comida, bebidas, juegos, juegos de carnaval, premios, puestos, DJ, videojuegos, firma de anuarios, cabina fotográfica, sorteos, manualidades, regalos y mucho más.  

11 de junio – Ceremonias de Graduación

Enlace para apuntarse para las graduaciones:

Enlace para rentar togas y birretes:

Graduación es un recuerdo para atesorar. Escuchar cuando llaman tu nombre y aceptar tu diploma mientras caminas por el escenario es un hito y una memoria que albergar para siempre. Nuestra meta es honrarles, estudiantes y familias, mientras nos adherimos a nuestros protocolos de salud y seguridad actuales. Estamos comprometidos a crear un evento que le permita a nuestra comunidad compartir esta significativa celebración y así finalmente poder ver a sus compañeros y oradores experimentar la tradicional ceremonia de graduación.

El 11 de junio traerá siete (7) ceremonias para que cada Senior camine por el escenario de graduación en el estadio de NSHS para aceptar su diploma. Los Seniors (vistiendo toga y birrete) asistirán a su ceremonia de graduación con un máximo de cuatro amigos o familiares que estarán sentad@s a una distancia segura en el terreno de juego. Llevar máscara mientras están afuera es voluntario pero deben ponerse su máscara si están a 6 pies de distancia de otras personas. Estaremos monitoreando de cerca las medidas de seguridad; cuando sea posible, les enviaremos actualizaciones acerca de la cantidad permitida de invitados. También, por favor consideren traer lo necesario para estar comod@s, dado el pronóstico del clima para ese día. 

VIDEO/STREAMING: La ceremonia será televisada en vivo y habrá copias disponibles para comprar. Visite los sitios web de abajo. Las pre-ordenes de copias digitales, DVDs y Blu Rays ya están a la venta. Por favor visite el sitio web abajo. Los padres podrán ordenar la graduación individual al igual que el año pasado.

¿Necesita ayuda o tiene preguntas?  Por favor contacte a nuestra Asesora de la Clase de los Seniors, Sarah Cowan 

Entendemos que esto no es lo que tenían en mente cuando pensaban sobre su último año en la preparatoria y la graduación. Es nuestro sincero deseo, en luz de las medidas de seguridad actuales y protocolos, crear un evento divertido y la experiencia de graduación tradicional  mientras mantenemos un ambiente seguro y saludable.

Clase del 2021, este año no salió como nadie lo había planeado y queremos darles nuestras sinceras disculpas. A través de todo, han mostrado ser resilientes, ingeniosos y capaces de alcanzar el éxito en grandes retos. ¡Estamos extremadamente orgullos@s de ustedes y estamos ansios@s de verlos en el Senior Sunset y en la graduación!

Instrucciones para el día de graduación (¡Por favor leer muy cuidadosamente!) 

No hay ensayo ni práctica programados para la ceremonia de graduación.

Ubicación: Estadio de Football de North Salem 

-De acuerdo con las medidas, estaremos practicando la regla de distanciamiento social de mantenernos a 6 pies de distancia. Los asientos serán colocados siguiendo la regla de 6 pies.

 -Los graduandos recibirán boletos para un máximo de 4 invitados cuando lleguen a la ceremonia. Serán brazaletes y deberán llevarlos puestos mientras estén en el estadio.  

-Los graduandos y sus invitados se registrarán al mismo tiempo. Esto estará localizado en la entrada principal del estadio (al lado norte). Los invitados podrán encontrar sus asientos y los graduandos se dirigirán por la pista al cobertizo Vikingo donde serán alineados en orden numérico.   

Estacionamiento:  Todos los vehículos deben estacionarse en el parqueo sobre calle D. Este es el estacionamiento entre Parrish Middle School y la preparatoria. Este lote también cuenta con espacios para discapacitados. No habrá lista especial de invitados para reservar asientos o estacionamiento para discapacitados. El estacionamiento para su ceremonia estará abierto únicamente por 30 minutos antes de que comience su ceremonia de graduación. Animamos a los invitados y a sus graduandos a venir en un solo vehículo. El estacionamiento será restringido en el estacionamiento pequeño del personal ya que es necesario para el personal y voluntarios.

North Salem High School Graduation Parking times and instructions table in Spanish.

-por favor no se presente más temprano de lo que dice el estacionamiento programado ¡Habrá espacio para todos!

-Check in: Graduates: Los graduandos se registrarán y alinearán cerca del “cobertizo Vikingo”. Aquí también pueden recoger su toga y birrete rentado y cualquier cordón que les haga falta. Esta área está restringida a los padres. Los graduandos comenzarán su procesión cerca de la entrada del “cobertizo Vikingo”, ubicada al extremo sur de la pista (cerca del puente a Safeway)

Animamos a los graduandos a decorar su birrete. Por favor recuerden que el mensaje debe ser apropiado para la escuela y no debe cambiar la estructura del birrete o restarle valor a su intención. Y, que no sea más alto de 1 pulgada.


  • Venir en un solo vehículo.
  • Seguir el horario de estacionamiento (no podrán estacionarse más temprano del horario establecido). 
  • Los invitados recibirán sus boletos al llegar. 
  • No se permitirá globos o sombrillas dentro del estadio.
  • La ceremonia de graduación es el resultado de todo su trabajo duro y esfuerzos por muchos años. Por favor no muestren comportamientos inapropiados durante la Ceremonia de Graduación.
  • Cada individuo que camine por el escenario debe tener su momento para ser el foco de atención.
  • Tomen buenas decisiones, se negará el privilegio a participar si se violan las reglas de la escuela
  • Representen a su escuela y familias con dignidad.
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Order North Salem Gear

We are often asked, “How can I purchase North Salem Gear?”  Well, it’s your lucky day! The North Salem Wrestling Team is ordering gear through May 17. Some of it features the wrestling team, but not all items are labeled wrestling.

Wrestling Coach Andy Pickett is opening up orders to all North Salem Families and Staff. Any item ordered will be mailed directly to your home. To incentivize individual wrestlers, we will be rewarding top sellers for the amount of gear their supporters purchase. A link to the wrestling roster with wrestlers names is listed below.  So if you have a favorite North Wrestler, select the option on the form that allows you to add the wrestlers name, this will appear during the check out process.

The site will stay open until May 17, then gear will be mailed directly to the person who completes the order. Please email me, with any questions.

The link is here to place the order.

North Salem Wrestlers Roster

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Tutoring for All Students

  • WHO? Any student
  • WHERE? New Commons
  • WHEN? Monday, 12:35 – 4:30 p.m.
  • WHAT? Tutoring help for Q4 classes

Your bus will pick you up from your regular stop 3 hours later than your regular pick up time. The bus will pick you up from school between 2:20 – 2:30 p.m.

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Summer Opportunities

Credit Recovery

An opportunity for credit recovery is open to current 9-12 grade students. English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Wellness are the subjects offered. Credit recovery classes at North Salem High School will be held June 28 – July 22, Monday to Thursday. Both morning and afternoon sessions will be held:

  • Morning 9-11:30 a.m.
  • Afternoon 12 – 2:30 p.m.

Use this link for student registration.


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Jostens Info for Seniors

Mark your calendars:

  • Graduation announcements can be picked up in the North Main Office if seniors missed the drive by delivery from Jostens on April 13.  Items can be picked up beginning Wednesday April 21st in the main office.
  • Caps and Gown delivery – we have a confirmed date of May 10 between 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. This will be a drive through pick up in front of the school on 14th Street.
  • If you have paid for everything in full, but you are unable to come on those dates to pick up your purchases, Jostens will leave paid for items at the school for later pick up. If  you owe a balance you need to contact Jostens right away at 503-723-8006.
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Questions about Q4 Answered Here

4th Quarter, In-Person Hybrid Questions?

Link HERE to a “Questions and Answers” document for students and families.  Please type your question and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.  Please call the North Salem Front Office at (503) 399-3241 if you would like to speak with someone.

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North is an (IB) World School

North Salem High School Authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School

North Salem High School has become the newest member of an ever-growing global community of 5,400 schools offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 158 different countries. North Salem will be the 20th school in Oregon providing the IB Diploma Program (DP) and only the 3rd providing the IB Career-related Program (CP); North is the first to offer both the DP and CP in Salem-Keizer.

Dr. Chad Towe, principal of North Salem High School says, “North Salem High School is well prepared and perfectly suited to usher in this new era as we join a group of schools that deliver a challenging, rewarding, and accessible international education. The recent authorization for both the IB Diploma Program and Career-related Program marks a significant moment worth celebrating with the students who will benefit from an IB education, and our entire school-community, who all have much to be proud.”

IB DP and CP Coordinator Michael Simental says, “The North community has long been committed to ensuring all students have access to a rigorous and equitable education. Neither the DP nor the CP are ‘elite’ programs intended only for the most gifted. All students are encouraged, supported, and welcomed.”

Superintendent Christy Perry says, “This achievement represents North’s commitment to high standards and creating an environment where students are encouraged and supported to become caring, reflective, and principled international thinkers and communicators.  I know the North staff has prepared for this accomplishment and students will mark this occasion for years to come; the entire community will rise to meet these opportunities from our foundation of shared excellence.”

Students are now encouraged to forecast for the IB Diploma Program and IB Career-related Program for the 2021-22 school year; the first cohort will begin their studies in the Fall. Any parent or student interested in learning more about North’s IB Program should reach out to North’s IB Coordinator, Michael Simental.

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Selecting Classes for Next Year

North Salem High School Forecasting (selecting next year’s classes)

The North Salem High School Counselors have been busy creating a website for current 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. The website will guide you in selecting classes for the coming 2021-22 school year.

Counselors will be conducting live, guided sessions through ZOOM on the following dates during Social Studies and Science classes. Students are scheduled by grade level:

  • 9th grade – Tuesday, March 2 – Friday, March 5
  • 10th grade – Tuesday, March 9- Friday, March 12
  • 11th grade – Tuesday, March 16 – Friday, March 19

Students and parents are encouraged to review the video and PowerPoint presentations, copies of the 2021-22 Course Catalog, forecasting form and elective guide included in each grade level tab on the home page before the guided session.

Students can also complete the forecasting form before the guided sessions, but are encouraged to wait until the forecasting session with their counselor. Informative phone dialers for each grade level will be broadcast weekly, so listen up Vikings!

Selecting next year’s classes click here!

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