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Senior Party Planning Meeting ~ February 21

Graduation party balloons and diplomasOn Thursday, February 21 the Senior Party Planning Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. in Room 134 at North Salem High School. Seniors and parents and guardians of seniors are invited to attend. We will brainstorm ideas for fundraising, discuss what grads want to do at their party and the spaghetti feed coming up on Friday March 8. Spanish translation will be available for this meeting.

If you have questions, please contact Adrian Rodriguez at 503-399-3241 extension 503607 or Jayne Haburn 503-871-9842 (jaynehaburn@comcast.net)

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Future Viking Night – February 21 from 6-8:00 p.m.

North Salem High School Viking LogoIt is time to get ready for High School! Join us on Thursday, February 21st from 6-8:00 p.m. for Future Viking Night. The North Salem High School staff have an evening of fun events planned to provide parents, guardians, and students with information to make a successful transition to high school. Sessions will be available in English and Spanish.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the general session begins at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium. Please arrive in time to sign in your student before the general session begins. A tour of high-interest classes is available and students will have an opportunity to sign up for summer school, athletics, and clubs. It is going to be fun, be sure to attend!

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Online Sports Registration

red starburst image containing the word newSpring sports registration is now open and online. If you would like to participate in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, or track and field. Use the Athletics drop down menu on the website and select Athletic Registration. If you have questions or concerns, please come to the main office to get help. Go Viks!

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Spaghetti Feed & Silent Auction Fundraiser – March 8

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Graphic

A Spaghetti feed and silent auction benefiting the Class of 2019 Grad Party will be held in the North Commons on Friday, March 8th at 6:30 p.m. Amazing items big and small will be up for bid. Spaghetti feed tickets are $5 Adult, $3 for kids, $2 for ages 3 and under. Tickets will be available for purchase from Room 134 and during both lunches starting February 22. Tickets will also be available at the door on the night of the event. You can also contact Jayne Haburn 503-871-9842 for purchase assistance.

Adrian Rodriguez, is a member of the Senior Party Planning Committee and a point person for the party here at North Salem. Posts will be made to a bulletin board in Room 134 with information about the party and committee. Seniors are encouraged to stop by and ask how they can get involved in planning their party. You can reach Adrian at 503-399-3241, extension 503607 between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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Rotary Students of the Month for 2018-19

The Downtown Rotary Club of Salem has a tradition of honoring outstanding high school students from North Salem High School and South Salem High School through their program.  Students are selected from each school according to a theme for the month.  At North Salem the principal and teaching staff select students of good character, high academic achievement, and success in the theme area of the month. North Salem would like to thank the Downtown Rotary for their investment in our students!

The following students have been recognized according to the themes below:

  • September: Kiara Ballard, ASB President
  • October: Marta Jantzi, Fall Athlete
  • November: Matthew Meyer, Humanities
  • December: Azusena Rosales Suares
  • January: Susan Thao, Service Above Self
  • February: Phaver Swank, Winter Athlete
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¡Alerta de trafico! ¡Se aproxima el inicio de los proyectos de construcción!

Estamos en espera de la entrega de algunos edificios portátiles y de equipo de construcción, los cuales pueden llegar cualquier día. No tenemos la fecha exacta del inicio de las obras de construcción, pero deseamos informarle acerca de los acontecimientos que se aproximan con anticipación.

La entrega de estos edificios portátiles temporales y la preparación del emplazamiento de estos causaran algunas interrupciones en el vecindario. De antemano, nos disculpamos por el ruido y la congestión vehicular que inevitablemente darán por resultado estas obras de construcción. Estamos trabajando para reducir las interrupciones cuanto nos sea posible.

Les hemos planteado a nuestros contratistas que en medida de lo posible eviten las horas de mayor desplazamiento vehicular cerca de la escuela, por ejemplo, cuando se dejan y recogen los estudiantes de la escuela.

La fase inicial del trabajo de construcción establece las bases para las obras de construcción más importantes que iniciaran en cuanto sea seguro hacerlo. ¡En cuanto más pronto podamos empezar con las obras de construcción, más pronto podremos terminar el traba-jo!

Recuerden que por razones de seguridad este verano y el próximo verano el plantel estará cerrado debido a las obras de construc-ción. Todo el plantel será una zona donde se requerirá usar cascos de seguridad por el tipo de construcción que se llevará a cabo.

Agradecemos su paciencia y su comprensión durante las obras de construcción. ¡Los proyectos de mejoramiento planeados para la Escuela Preparatoria North Salem serán sorprendentes y nos complace compartir esos resultados con ustedes!

Atentamente, La dirección de la Escuela Preparatoria North Salem.

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Traffic Alert! Construction Staging Starts Soon at North Salem!

We are expecting delivery of temporary portable buildings and other construction-related equipment any day. We don’t have an exact date this work will start but want to share this information early.

The delivery of temporary portable buildings and site preparation for their placement will create some disruption in the neighborhood. We apologize in advance for noise and traffic congestion that will inevitably result. We’re working to minimize it as much as possible. We have asked our contractors to avoid peak travel times around the school, like drop-off and pick-up times as much as possible.

This early work sets the stage for serious construction to begin as soon as it is safe to start. The sooner we can start construction, the sooner we can finish! As a reminder, for safety reasons, our campus will be closed this summer and next summer due to construction. The entire campus will be a hard-hat zone and closed due to construction.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during construction. The improvements planned for North Salem High School are amazing and we are eager to share the results with you!

NSHS administration January 30, 2019

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