Schedule Access & Schedule Change Request for Semester Two

North students will have access to their  Semester two schedules on Wednesday January 19th in Advisory.. The student portal is where a student can request a schedule change of classes for semester two. It will go live and open on Friday January 21st and close on  Friday January 28th at 4pm. Please visit the North Salem website and look for the color coded button called “Schedule Change Request” where you may submit your requests. Please be patient as the school counselors respond to requests via the portal.

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Update to The Little Mermaid-The Musical

To ensure the safety of our students and community, new dates have been announced for The Little Mermaid. This will allow the cast and crew to be healthy and ready to preform their very best and for our community  to attend with confidence. Thank you for your support and understanding, we can’t wait to see you at The Little Mermaid 2.0!

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Apply Now for CTEC 2022/2023

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English Classes/Clases de Inglés

¿Quiere aprender o mejorar su inglés? ¡Buenas noticias! La Escuela Preparatoria North Salem ahora les ofrece clase de inglés gratis. Los invitamos a inscribirse en línea para poder participar en las clases. Las clases comenzarán el 11 de enero y continuarán los miércoles y jueves de 6:00 a 8:00 de la tarde.  Este año las clases se llevarán a cabo virtualmente a través de la aplicación de Google Meets de su computadora o teléfono celular.  Por favor visita el sitio de web de la escuela de North para llenar la solicitud y la coordinadora Sra. Rosa Rivera estará en contacto contigo. Si tiene alguna pregunta o por más información favor de llamar a Sra. Rosa Rivera 971-915-1628.    Siga el link para llenar la solicitud.

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Do you want to learn or improve your English? Good news! North Salem High School now offers free English classes. We invite you to register online to participate in the classes this fall. Classes will begin on January 11th and continue Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm. to 8:00 pm. This year classes will be held virtually through the Google Meets app from your computer or cell phone. Please fill out the application and the coordinator Mrs. Rosa Rivera will be in contact with you. If you have any questions or for more information, please call Mrs. Rosa Rivera 971-915-1628. Follow the link below to fill out the application.

Click here to fill out the form

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Updated SKPS Athletic Protocols and Safety Measures – Effective January 11, 2022

As shared earlier this week, we are continuing with our athletic activities while consistently reviewing our protocols and safety measures. For all of our athletic activities, we will continue to prioritize consistent safety practices for student participants, coaches, staff and spectators.

Spectator capacity limits

High School

Due to the increased risk of transmission for COVID-19 during athletic events, we will be implementing capacity limits at all SKPS athletic events beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 11. Details for each type of event/facility is below:

  • Basketball: Four (4) spectators per participant including basketball and cheer athletes, and pep band participants. This four spectator limit is subject to change depending on the event venue capacity limits. Team coaches will communicate with participants on final event spectator limits. Pep bands will be set in an area to allow proper distancing.
  • Wrestling: Four (4) spectators per participant.
  • Swimming: Spectator limits will depend on venue capacity at the KROC center (to be determined). More details on final capacity numbers will be shared with families once finalized.

Middle School

Due to venue capacity, middle school competitions will be limited to two (2) spectators per participant per event.

Face coverings and physical distancing requirements

All requirements for physical distancing and face coverings will continue to be maintained for participants, coaches and spectators. Requirements include:

  • Face coverings are required for all spectators.
  • Athletes are not required to wear a face covering indoors while actively practicing or playing a competitive sport at any level, including cheerleading and dance/drill.
  • Students not actively participating (i.e., on the sideline/bench during an indoor competition.) are required to wear a face covering.
  • Coaches and support staff are required to wear a face covering during indoor practices and competitions. This includes weight training regardless of location.
  • All individuals should maintain physical distance to the extent possible.
  • Face coverings are optional in outdoor settings.

Concessions, trips and other activities

All athletic activities such as overnight trips, extra team functions (ex. team meals) and concession stands will NOT be allowed.

Working together to maintain health and safety

As a reminder, families should be aware of the increased risk of transmission of COVID-19 during athletic events, which could result in students needing to quarantine. Individuals from other households should consistently maintain physical distance.

These protocols are crucial to maintain safe and healthy athletic events for our students, families and community. Our protocols are reviewed regularly and any additional changes or adjustments to our protocols for students and/or spectators will be shared with families as needed.

Working together to closely follow all safety protocols will support our students in maintaining time in play, and in the classroom.

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Semester One Finals Schedule

  • 1/26, Wednesday late start (2 periods) 1&5
    • 1st:  9:30-10:40
    • 5th: 10:50 to 12:00
    • Lunch:  12:00-12:30
    • Bus leaves at 1:00
  • 1/27, Thursday (3 periods) 2-4
    • 2nd: 8:30-9:40
    • 3rd: 9:50-11:00
    • 4th: 11:10-12:20
    • Lunch: 12:20-12:50
    • Bus leaves at 1:00
  • 1/28, Friday (3 periods) 6-8
    • 6th: 8:30-9:40
    • 7th: 9:50 to 11:00
    • 8th: 11:10am-12:20pm
    • Lunch 12:20-12:50
    • Bus leaves: 1:00

North CTEC Students:

 North/CTEC students will report to the NSHS Library to study during either period 1 or 5 on Wednesday.

 CTEC students will not go to CTEC on Wednesday, January 26.  CTEC A Day finals are Jan. 27 and B Day finals are Jan. 28. CTEC shuttle buses will run on these days. 

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Saturday School Information

Take advantage of this opportunity to get caught up on missing assignments and/or get some extra help.

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Personalized Education Plan (PEP) Required for Seniors!

Welcome back Seniors!

In November all seniors received notice that their Personalized Education Plan (PEP) is required for graduation and  is due at the end of January 2022. This is a just a friendly reminder and we will be calling you down to the Counseling Office to ask if you need assistance in completing it.

Click here to view PowerPoint presentation for instructions to complete the PEP .

To sign in on CIS click on the SINGLE SIGN-ON button in the upper right hand corner and use your Salem-Keizer username and password.


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2 Hour Delay Schedule

Click on the title for a listed schedule

North Salem High School
2 Hour Delay Schedule 

For 12/14/2021

Period 1/5 10:30-11:30
Period 2/6 11:37-12:37

1st Lunch 12:37-1:07
Period 3/7 1:14-2:14

Period 3/7 12:44-1:44
2nd Lunch 1:44-2:14

Period 4/8 2:21-3:20

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