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Spring break meals available at 9 schools

Spring break meals information

Breakfasts and lunches will be offered at nine schools during spring break 2023. Meals will be packed in grocery bags and available via curbside pickup. Each person may receive up to five meal packs during pickup.

Dates and times


  • Wednesday, March 22, 2023
  • Monday March 27, 2023
  • Wednesday March 29, 2023


  • 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Meals Available

  • March 27 will consist of two breakfasts and two lunches
  • March 22 and 29 will consist of three breakfasts and three lunches

Meal locations

Spring break meals flyers (PDFs)

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Schedule Virtual Conferences Here (In-person Conferences do not require an appointment)

School Conferences will take place during the following times:

Wednesday, March 22


Thursday, March 23 




Instructions for setting up a virtual conference:

Step 1 -Read all the instructions then click on the red button below. 

Step 2- Click on the box that includes the teachers last name. For example: Cowan- You’ll choose the box labeled ‘Staff last names A to C’ because Cowan starts with C.  

Step 3- Choose the date (March 22 or March 23)  then choose the teacher you want the conference with under ‘Select Staff’. This step is important. If you do not choose a teacher, a teacher that your student might not have will be chosen for you. It says optional but it is REQUIRED. Then choose the time you wish to meet.

Step 4- Fill out the next section with parent/guardian information. 

Step 5- Complete the additional information section. The first three fields are required in order to book the conference. When you are done press the red ‘Book’ button to complete the scheduling of your conference & repeat for every teacher you would like to have a conference with.

You will then receive an email confirmation with the details of your conference. Save this email, you will need to click on the link in this email the day of your conference. If you choose to attend in-person, you can disregard this link, you do not need an  appointment. If you do not receive an email then there might be an issue with the email address you provided in step 5. Please call the main office at 503-399-3241 and we can try to assist you with this.

You will need to repeat this process for each teacher you would like a conference with.

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Future Viking Night- New Date 3/9/2023

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IB Information Night for Incoming Vikings -New Date 3/14/2023

Our IB Information Night has been rescheduled to March 14, 2023!

IB Info Night Rescheduled to 3/14/2023
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Update to March 6th Schedule

Due to the previous no-school days resulting from inclement weather, all Salem-Keizer comprehensive high schools and students attending CTEC and the EDGE program will have a modified schedule on Monday, March 6th.

All students will adjust their  schedule to attend “A” Day classes. An updated version of the calendar for our schools is available on the website under calendar. 

Tuesday, March 7th will is an A day as previously scheduled.

Monday March 6th A Day
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North Salem and McKay high schools earn Oregon banner status from Special Olympics

North Salem and McKay high schools received recognition this today, Feb. 21 from the Special Olympics Oregon for their distinction as Unified Champion Schools.

In Salem-Keizer Public Schools, 17 percent of students receive special education services.

SKPS works diligently to meet the needs of all students and families regardless of age, color, ability, marital status, national origin, race, religion or creed, sex or gender, sexual orientation or veteran status.

According to Special Olympics Oregon, a Unified Champion School helps to reduce bullying and exclusion, promote healthy activity and interactions, combat stereotypes and stigma, eliminate hurtful language in school and engages all students in activities that lead to personal growth.

Unified Champion schools in SKPS

Since the 2017-18 school year, Salem-Keizer Public Schools has worked to expand unified programing across the district, with South Salem High School being awarded as the district’s first Unified Champion school in the spring of 2019.

As of February 2023, Salem-Keizer Public Schools has established unified programming in all of the district’s high schools and eight middle schools, and began the expansion to elementary schools during the 2021-22 school year.

In addition, the district offers unified summer programming for both elementary and secondary students across the district.

What does it take to be a unified champion school?

Unified Champion Schools is a movement that aims to change school communities through the power of inclusion, acceptance, and determination. Unified programs pair students with disabilities with peer partners to provide access to sports, leadership and classroom content. In Salem Keizer Public Schools this means classes such as choir, theater and culinary arts.

Programming includes three key aspects:

  • Unified sports such as basketball, soccer, kickball, rock climbing and more.
  • Inclusive youth leadership.
  • Whole school engagement.

“This is a population of students that has been historically separated from their peers,” said Student Services Director Melissa Glover. “Unified programs do more than just unify students in sports and activities. They truly bring the whole school together.”

Empowering students

As Unified Champion Schools, students with and without disabilities are empowered and provided opportunities to safely engage together in athletics, physical education courses, leadership classes, community service projects, school dances and much more.

“The experience of school is about so much more than receiving an education,” said Student Services Instructional Mentor Amanda Burke.

“Whether students are in first grade or about to graduate from high school, Unified helps students build lifelong relationships and develop important skills to be successful, inclusive and welcoming adults.”

Learn more about unified programs and the positive impact they make in SKPS school communities (Video)

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Forecasting for 2023-24 School Year

All Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are in the process of selecting classes for the next school year. Selection of classes is very important for us to do the planning and building of our Master Schedule for next year. North has a website for Forecasting. Click HERE to go to the forecasting page.

Current 8th Grade
Current 9th Grade
Current 10th Grade
Current 11th Grade
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Schedule Change Portal is Closed

Not all schedule change requests will be honored.

Requests are answered in the order they are received in the portal. Students will receive an email with the outcome of their request once it has been processed by their counselor.

Please do not submit multiple requests for the same schedule change.

Schedules will not be changed to accommodate teacher or class period requests.

Juniors and Seniors, If you are requesting an aide or release period, you will be asked to complete an additional form that will be available in the Counseling Office.

Can I change my schedule?


Missing or needs a class

  • A core academic Class is missing.
  • A “Needs Class” is on my schedule.

Duplicate Class

  • The same class is on my schedule twice

Incorrect Placement Level

  • I am not in the correct placement. (Honors, AP, IB)

No Prerequisite

  • I have not taken the prerequisite for the class.

Missing Core Class

  • Miss a core class like English, Math, Science, or Social Studies.

Already Taken

  • I already took this class and passed.
CLOSED -Request Your Schecule Change!


Change Times

  • I want to move my class to a different time

Don’t know anyone

  • I don’t know anyone in the class.

Teacher Problem

  • I don’t like the teacher.
  • My teacher is too difficult.

Changed My Mind

  • I requested an elective, but now I don’t want it.


  • My best friend is in the class and I will do better with them.
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High school athletic officials needed – Register today!

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has an urgent need for sports officials throughout the state, including Salem-Keizer.

Those 18 and older who enjoy being part of the game, supporting their community, and setting their own schedule as an independent contractor are ideal candidates for these flexible positions.

Applicants can expect to receive an Officials Packet and complete required certification and training from their local association.

Visit the OSAA registration page to sign up and learn more about the timeline for registering and testing.

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February 3rd, North is dedicating time for families and students to conference and connect with North staff:

There will be virtual and in-person conference options if you would like to connect with your student’s teachers. Use this LINK to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. These conferences are a great opportunity to discuss your student’s grade and any other supports your student might need to be successful. In person family conferences will be held in teacher classrooms or the NSHS Library. Labeled maps will be provided at both school entrances; 14th Street and D Street between 1:00 – 3:00.  Please find below instructions for signing up for a virtual conference. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s grades please check ParentVue and connect with the teacher before the semester ends on February 1st. You may contact the teacher or front office by phone (503-399-3241) and/or email.

Go Viks! 

*We encourage all parents to activate their ParentVUE account to stay current with their students’ assignments, grades and attendance. If you have not yet activated ParentVUE contact the Counseling Office (503-399-3223) for your login.

Sign up procedure

  1. After reading all the steps click on this link: February 3rd Conferences
  2. The top of the Bookings Page shows alphabetical groupings of teachers. Select the grouping that contains the last name initial of the teacher you want to conference with.
  3. Select the date Februart 3rd then use the “Select staff” drop down menu and select the teacher’s name. A TEACHER MUST BE SELECTED OR THE SYSTEM WILL CHOOSE A TEACHER THAT THE STUDENT MIGHT NOT HAVE. Then choose the time of day you want to conference.
  4. Scroll down to add your information (required).
  5. Scroll down and complete the additional information fields. The first three fields are required. Then click on the red “Book” button

You will receive an email confirmation with the details of your conference. Save the email where you can find it. If you chose to have a virtual conference, open the email on the day and time of your conference and select the “Join” your appointment link. If you chose to have an in-person conference, go to North Salem High School at your scheduled conference time.

Repeat for each teacher in your student’s schedule.

Para Registrarse:

  1. Despues de leer todos los pasos, haga clic en el enlace: February 3rd Conferences
  2. Arriba de la pagina estaran 4 grupos de maestros en orden alfabético. Seleccioneel grupo donde este la inicial del apellido del maestro con quien quiere la conferencia.
  3. Seleccionela fecha 3 de febrero y dentro de las opciones del menú, seleccione ‘Select staff’ y busque el nombre del maestro. Seleccione el maestro. Es requerido seleccionar un maestro de su estudiante si no, el systema asigna a cualquier maestro. Despues, escoja la hora para la conferencia.
  4. Mas abajo en ‘Add your details’, ponga su nombre, correo electrónico, domicilio, y número de teléfono. Todo esto se requiere.
  5. Provee la siguiente información y en la ultima cajita ponga “Español” si necesita un intérprete.

Cuando termine con todos estos pasos, haga clic en el botón rojo que dice ‘Book’. Recibirá un correo electrónico con confirmación de los detalles de su conferencia. Guarde su correo electrónico. Si escojio tener una conferencia virtual,  abra el correoelectrónico el día de su conferencia unos minutos antes de la hora y haga clic en ‘Join your appointment’. Si escojio tener su conferencia en persona, vaya a North Salem High School.

Repite para cada maestro con quien quiere tener una conferencia. 

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