February 3rd, North is dedicating time for families and students to conference and connect with North staff:

There will be virtual and in-person conference options if you would like to connect with your student’s teachers. Use this LINK to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. These conferences are a great opportunity to discuss your student’s grade and any other supports your student might need to be successful. In person family conferences will be held in teacher classrooms or the NSHS Library. Labeled maps will be provided at both school entrances; 14th Street and D Street between 1:00 – 3:00.  Please find below instructions for signing up for a virtual conference. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s grades please check ParentVue and connect with the teacher before the semester ends on February 1st. You may contact the teacher or front office by phone (503-399-3241) and/or email.

Go Viks! 

*We encourage all parents to activate their ParentVUE account to stay current with their students’ assignments, grades and attendance. If you have not yet activated ParentVUE contact the Counseling Office (503-399-3223) for your login.

Sign up procedure

  1. After reading all the steps click on this link: February 3rd Conferences
  2. The top of the Bookings Page shows alphabetical groupings of teachers. Select the grouping that contains the last name initial of the teacher you want to conference with.
  3. Select the date Februart 3rd then use the “Select staff” drop down menu and select the teacher’s name. A TEACHER MUST BE SELECTED OR THE SYSTEM WILL CHOOSE A TEACHER THAT THE STUDENT MIGHT NOT HAVE. Then choose the time of day you want to conference.
  4. Scroll down to add your information (required).
  5. Scroll down and complete the additional information fields. The first three fields are required. Then click on the red “Book” button

You will receive an email confirmation with the details of your conference. Save the email where you can find it. If you chose to have a virtual conference, open the email on the day and time of your conference and select the “Join” your appointment link. If you chose to have an in-person conference, go to North Salem High School at your scheduled conference time.

Repeat for each teacher in your student’s schedule.

Para Registrarse:

  1. Despues de leer todos los pasos, haga clic en el enlace: February 3rd Conferences
  2. Arriba de la pagina estaran 4 grupos de maestros en orden alfabético. Seleccioneel grupo donde este la inicial del apellido del maestro con quien quiere la conferencia.
  3. Seleccionela fecha 3 de febrero y dentro de las opciones del menú, seleccione ‘Select staff’ y busque el nombre del maestro. Seleccione el maestro. Es requerido seleccionar un maestro de su estudiante si no, el systema asigna a cualquier maestro. Despues, escoja la hora para la conferencia.
  4. Mas abajo en ‘Add your details’, ponga su nombre, correo electrónico, domicilio, y número de teléfono. Todo esto se requiere.
  5. Provee la siguiente información y en la ultima cajita ponga “Español” si necesita un intérprete.

Cuando termine con todos estos pasos, haga clic en el botón rojo que dice ‘Book’. Recibirá un correo electrónico con confirmación de los detalles de su conferencia. Guarde su correo electrónico. Si escojio tener una conferencia virtual,  abra el correoelectrónico el día de su conferencia unos minutos antes de la hora y haga clic en ‘Join your appointment’. Si escojio tener su conferencia en persona, vaya a North Salem High School.

Repite para cada maestro con quien quiere tener una conferencia.