(Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold an induction of the 2020 new selections for the Hall of Fame last year, so we are combining the two years this week.)

a2020-Distinguished Lifetime – Edith Weiss Brown (class of 1959) – Award-winning professor of International Law at Georgetown University.

a2021 – Distinguished Lifetime – Staryl C. Austin (class of 1938 – Decorated fighter pilot in both World War II and the Korean War, Brigadier General in the Air National Guard, Director of Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

b2020 – Achievement – Roy Scranton (class of 1995) – Award-winning author in both fiction and non-fiction, professor of English at Notre Dame University and director of that school’s Environmental; humanities Institute.

b2021 – Achievement – Beri Smither (class of 1989) – International cover girl and model as well as TV host.

c2020 – Athletics – Bill Maurer (class of 1959) – All-State basketball guard on the team that placed 2nd in 1959, head basketball coach at Chemeketa Community College.

c2021 – Athletics – Lute Barnes (class of 1965) – All-State baseball player, outstanding player for Oregon State, and professional baseball player for the NY Mets and the Cincinnati Reds.

d2020 – Service – Michael T. Smith – 30-year English teacher at North and coach in both cross country and track.  One of the founders of the Hall of Fame as well as the alumni association.

d2021 Service – Dave Anderson – longtime teacher of woodworking at North High and most instrumental in starting the process of converting woodworking from a hobby-based program to a career and industrial model.