We are often asked, “How can I purchase North Salem Gear?”  Well, it’s your lucky day! The North Salem Wrestling Team is ordering gear through May 17. Some of it features the wrestling team, but not all items are labeled wrestling.

Wrestling Coach Andy Pickett is opening up orders to all North Salem Families and Staff. Any item ordered will be mailed directly to your home. To incentivize individual wrestlers, we will be rewarding top sellers for the amount of gear their supporters purchase. A link to the wrestling roster with wrestlers names is listed below.  So if you have a favorite North Wrestler, select the option on the form that allows you to add the wrestlers name, this will appear during the check out process.

The site will stay open until May 17, then gear will be mailed directly to the person who completes the order. Please email me, pickett_andrew@salkeiz.k12.or.us with any questions.

The link is here to place the order.

North Salem Wrestlers Roster