Senior Photos

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Senior Photos Due October 31!

Seniors, email your senior photos to, or visit Room 135 with questions.

4 ways to submit your senior photo:

  1. Email a JPEG to Sarah Cowan (most preferable). Please include your full name in the email subject.
  2. Bring a JPEG on a flashdrive or CD to Room 135.
  3. Have your photographer email a copy to Sarah Cowan.
  4. Bring a printed photo to Senior Class Advisor, Sarah Cowan in Room 135 to be scanned. (This is the least preferable due to image quality.) Please bring in a print that is a least wallet-sized (3X2 inch) and reproduced professionally. Many home printers do not print photos that reproduce well in the yearbook. We may not be able to return actual prints.

Photo submission criteria:

  • Must be a headshot (from the waist up)
  • Photo must be vertical
  • Please submit a photo of the highest resolution . . . no selfies or screen shots.
  • Most photos will end up being cropped as to focus in on the senior’s face. The best pictures for the yearbook are close-ups focusing on the senior’s head and shoulders. Any pictures deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be used.

We want your senior yearbook to have the best possible picture of you in its pages.