Site Council

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Site Council is a group of teachers, principals, classified staff, and students who analyze North’s successes and challenges, recommend changes to school policy and direction, then evaluate the effectiveness of North’s plan to make our school the best place for students to be successful life-long learners, ready for college or the work place.

If you are a parent interested in joining Site Council this year, please email the chair, Randy Bartsch at or contact the school office.

Site Council meets on the third Thursday of every month in room 132 from 2:45 to 4:00. Visitors are welcome.

Due to no candidates for the election of parent representatives to site council, the election is postponed until the fall.*

NSHS 2016-17 Site Council Members

NamePositionYears in positionTerm Duration
Randy Bartsch, Chair, Teacher Member33
Michael Contreras Administrator Member
Cynthia Richardson Administrator Member
Robert KovacsRecorder, Teacher Member13
Michael Simental Teacher Member13
R.J. HamptonNorms, Teacher Member13
Lynsey Turner Teacher Member13
Salvador Munoz Teacher Member13
Mary Barnett Teacher Member13
Lori Festa Teacher Member13
Cipriano ManonClassified Member13
Brian Cooper Classified Member13
Debbie Virden Parent Member 22
Shauna Garcia Parent Member 12
Amador Aguilar Parent Member 12
Jessica Lee Parent Member 12
Karen BlocksomCommunity Member22
Cerah Coon (Soph)Student Member22
Abie Caulder (ASB rep, Jun) Student Member42
Sirena Kobayashi-Rodriguez (Sen)Student Member22
Moncerrad Barajas Gomez (Sen)Student Member12
Elisabeth Rodriguez Aburto (Soph)Student Member12
Alejandro Sandoval Raygoza (Sen)At Large Student12
Chanti Manon (Sen) At Large Student12