Traffic Alert! Construction Staging Starts Soon at North Salem!

2019-02-04T07:51:23+00:00February 4th, 2019|

We are expecting delivery of temporary portable buildings and other construction-related equipment any day. We don’t have an exact date this work will start but want to share this information early.

The delivery of temporary portable buildings and site preparation for their placement will create some disruption in the neighborhood. We apologize in advance for noise and traffic congestion that will inevitably result. We’re working to minimize it as much as possible. We have asked our contractors to avoid peak travel times around the school, like drop-off and pick-up times as much as possible.

This early work sets the stage for serious construction to begin as soon as it is safe to start. The sooner we can start construction, the sooner we can finish! As a reminder, for safety reasons, our campus will be closed this summer and next summer due to construction. The entire campus will be a hard-hat zone and closed due to construction.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during construction. The improvements planned for North Salem High School are amazing and we are eager to share the results with you!

NSHS administration January 30, 2019